Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hitorical Tourism Module No 3- Kerala Tourism Potentials

Hill Stations in Kerala
Whenever one remembers Kerala, an incessant image of backwaters, beautiful beaches, lush green vegetation and untamed wildlife comes to mind. But, Kerala has much more than this, dressed on its exotic platter. Located on the remotest corners on the cliffs and the ravines of the Western Ghats, Kerala, a heaven on earth, is well renowned for its hill stations. The hill stations of Kerala are lush greens abodes of rich flora and fauna.

The Western Ghats are the main reason for the equitable and sub tropical climatic conditions of Kerala. Its location is also another reason why this state receives heavy rainfall. If you are seeking a retreat from the heat and thinking of enjoying the cozy comfort of Nature or wish to trek on the woody mountain trails or if you are simply answering the "call of the mountains", the hill stations of Kerala is the answer to all these questions. Here, you come across various mountain streams along with undulating flora and enticing fauna. If there is a place you can go to forget your hassles and a place where you can stay away from the routine it will surely be a hill station in Kerala.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Fabio Parasecoli- Food Culture- Food and Identity- Food and Power- Food In literature

Erudite Lecture Series by Fabio Parasecoli- Food Studies

Prof. Fabio, It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to kerala. Of course as an Erudite scholar you will be talking about different aspects of Food Studies covering History, Culture, Ethnicity, Identity, Power, Literature and Methodology of Food Studies. Hope you would be with us from 13 th to 17 th Fabruary 2018. Thank you for accepting our invitation. @Unity Women's College- Erudite Programme, KSHEC..