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Economical system of the post-Mauryan India

Economical system of the post-Mauryan India

Apart from flourishing trade, other significant features of this period are: monetization of economy, development of crafts, growth of urban centres and weakening of state control over the farming operations.
The post-Mauryan India saw the monetization of economy on an unprecedented scale. The Indo- Greek rulers were the first to issue gold coins. Menander was perhaps the last of the Indo-Greek rulers to issue gold coins. After them the Kushanas issued them in considerable numbers. In the opinion of some scholars, all Kushana gold coins were minted out of Roman gold.


Where Did the Aryans Come From?

 Max Mueller has identified Central Asia as the original home of the Aryans. He has based his view on the study of the world's languages. The significant evidence is that there are fundamental similarities among some ancient languages such as Latin, Greek and Sanskrit and the resemblances continue in the languages derived from them.

History: Cultural History- Literature & Science

History: Cultural History- Literature & Science

The famous book Geet Govind was written by
(a) Banabhatta
(b) Jayadev
(c) Mirabai
(d) Kalidas

Answer: Jayadev

Medieval Indian History

 Medieval Indian  History

Which of the following was the main function of the Peshwa under Shivaji's administration ?
(a) He advised the king about foreign affairs.
(b) He was incharge of all public finance and accounts of the kingdom
(c) He was to fix dates for religious ceremonies
(d) He was to look after the general intrest and welfare of the state

Answer; He was to look after the general intrest and welfare of the state

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Theatre Games

Personality Development Through Theatre Games
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History Association

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The genesis of the department of History at Unity Women’s College Manjeri is dated back to the time of the establishment of the college in 1991.The Department started off initially as a one faculty department offering subsidiary support for the B A English Programme.
In 2001-2002 academic year, the Department became a full fledged Degree department with the introduction of B A History Degree programme.In 2010,the History department became an aided Programme under the Government of Kerala.Currently it has 4 permanent faculties.

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