Saturday, June 16, 2012

Job Opportunities for B.A. in History Graduates

Job Opportunities for B.A. in History Graduates
What is history ?
History is a branch of knowledge that fulfils the desire of man to know the past.It becomes the collective memory of human society.The study of history comprehends all the human experiences in the past,which includes wahts men have said,done or suffered;that helps one to find out the present traces of the past.So,we can say that history is the respresentation of the past experience through the works of historian.
Why history ?
Knowledge of the past is essential to the society.Without the knowledge of the past  we would be without identity.So historical study helps us to understand the present.itacts as a guide for the future.It teaches us how bad decisions have led to the catastophe.history warns us not to cross the limit in certain aspects.It has the characteristics of science and art.Historical study may helps us to predict the future.It helps to develop the reasong power in man and make him a more reasonable human being.It increases our memory capacity and imagination.Also history gives us a chronological order of events which have shapened our present.

History Net 2011 Winners

Today is One of the happiest days in my life...My Six Friends (Including one of my best freind and three students) have passed UGC NET Examination (History) held in December 2011.Its the result of their continuous hard work and dedication.Congratulations to all.May God bless them.
2-Abdul Muneer(Chelari-malappuram)
All the candidates are the Alumni of Our College,PSMO COLLEGE TIRURANGADI(calicut University)-Malappuram-Kerala.
Result can be accessed from the link below