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Famous Statement
  n Lord Dufferin : Congress was a microscopic minority.
n Lord Curzon :  Congress was ‘tottering to its fall’ and one of his greatest ambition in India was ‘‘to
assist it (congress) a peaceful demise’.
n Charles Napier: ‘We have no right to seize Sind, yet we shall do so and a very advantageous, useful
humane piece of rascality it will be ’’.
n Thomas Roe : ‘‘I know these people are best treated with the sword in one hand and the caducean in the other.’’
n Nabin Chandra Sen : ‘‘The battle of Plassey was followed by a night of eternal gloom for India’’.
n John Sullivan : ‘Our system acts very much like a sponge drawing up all the good things from the
banks of the Ganges and Squeezing them down on the banks Thames’.

Indian History Ojective Type Questions

Indian History
Ojective Type Questions

14. The Fourth Buddhist Council which was held in Kashmir during the reign of which King?
a) Ashoka
b) Kala Ashok
c) Kanishka
d) Ajatshatru
15. Which one among the following sites is located in the valley of Gagger and its associated rivers?
a) Alamgirpur
b) Lothal
c) Mohenjodro
d) Banwali

Dr. P J Vincent--Speech On Palastine

Historiography of 1857 Revolt

Historiography of 1857 Revolt

THE Revolt of 1857 was born out of various features ranging from the British policy of conquest and expansion to the colonial exploitation of India. Geographically speaking, it affected north-western, north and central India. The ‘Sepoy Mutiny’– as it was labelled initially by the colonial official writings, focused on the ‘Mutiny’ theme.

To colonial officials and writers it was the handiwork of a set of discontented sipahis who were unhappy with the introduction, in 1857, of the new Enfield rifle, with its distinct ammunition, which required the bullet to be bitten before loading. Rumours that the grease used on the bullets was either from the fat of cattle or pigs had symbolic implications. Thus, whereas cows were considered ‘sacred’ by the Hindus, the Muslims considered pigs to be ‘polluting’.

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Regional Seminar

P.O. Narukara, Malappuram Dist. Kerala- 676122
Ph: 0483- 2767142, Fax: 0483- 2768030

One Day Regional Seminar
Political Crisis in West Asia: Issues and Implications

Friday, 14th December 2012

Venue: College Auditorium

Organised by:
Department of History
in Collaboration with Chair for Islamic Studies and Research, University of Calicut