Thursday, December 6, 2012

Call for Abtracts-UGC Seminar

UGC Seminar on ‘Human Rights for Women’

Korambayil Ahamed haji memorial Unity Women’s College, Manjeri, is organizing a UGC Sponsored national seminar on ‘Human Rights for Women’ during the second week of February, 2013. We would like to invite papers from individuals who are interested in participating in the seminar.
Though human rights are universal it has been difficult for women to access these rights on many fronts. Despite the advances women have made in the last couple of decades, human rights and freedom still is a cause of valid concern. Though protection from violence is a human right there are millions of women who face violence of either the physical or mental kind. Though all communities speak of the human right of women regarding marriage like whom, when and if to marry, this is often conveniently ignored.