Friday, January 18, 2013

In search Of Rich Cultural Past

As the testimony of a rich cultural past and also a great remain of historical past,kudakkallu can shed light on  history & culture  of the people of ancient kerala.This rock of Pattarkadavu has a long history that dates back to more than 2000 years(megalithic period..In the Olden Days aristocratic people were cremated here and Umbrella shaped rocks were put on top as memoirs-stomes.

        E K PK Ahammed Haji sharing his knowledge on Kudakkallu 



  1. These are very ancient and more than 6000 years old. Good peoples shown in the above pictures are trying to save it but very sad that our Govt. is not interested in it.

    Muniyaras or dolmen are seen all over the world--exactly like the ones you see in kerala.

    You can put the word DOLMEN is google search and then go to "images" to see the similarity.

    You will be surprised to see that