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Dear Shabeermon,

Here is a book let release by
 Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, An autonomous organization of Ministry of Youth Affairs, Sports, Govt. of India.

In fact, this book titled '
DAKSHIN KRANTI' was laid on the table of Lok sabha during 6.12.2007 by Shri. Mani Shankar Aiyer, MP & then Minister of Union Cabinet. ( The debate on the laying on the table of this book by Mr. Manishankar can be seen here)

SHRI MANI SHANKAR AIYAR: Sir, I lay on the Table, a copy (in English and Hindi) of the Report `Dakshin Kranti Freedom Struggle in South India, published by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Sriperumbudur.
That book lists out the Various Freedom Struggle events in South Indian states, viz, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu.

It PROMINENTLY lists the Freedom struggle event in Kerala, the WAGON TRAGEDY incident. ( See Page 18) I have given a snap shot of that page too here.

Since, the Wagon tragedy incident is mentioned in DAKSHIN KRANTI, a publication by an autonomous body of Govt. of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, and laid in the table of Lok Sabha, ONE CAN Say, 
Ministry of Railways, can have the LEAST OF DIFFICULTY in naming 22609/10 Mangalore - Coimbatore intercity express as MALABAR KRANTI express. As 21st Nov, the day of the anniversary of Wagon tragedy is approaching if the Ministry of Railways is duly highlighted about this incident, they Can take the necessary steps.

Thank you ,

Ravi S
Dear Shabeermon !!

Thank you for posting my previous message in the Histoblog website of yours. People from MALABAR (especially historians, POLITICIANS) Must take extra steps in applying pressure on Ministry of Railways to name 22609/10 Mangalore - Coimbatore intercity express as Malabar kranti express as the date of anniversary is not far away and it is on 21st Nov, 2013, when the 93 rd anniversary of wagon tragedy falls. This incident has been referred in 'DAKSHIN KRANTI', the  publication from Rajiv Gandhi institute of youth welfare, Sriperumbudur which is an autonomous body under Ministry of youth welfare & sports & the publication was laid in the table of Parliament in 2007.

As we know well, that Mr. T R Baalu, the chairman of standing committee of Parliament members on railway affairs, has been successful in getting names for trains like 'Pamani express ( from Tirupati to Mannargudi) Chemmozhi express ( from Coimbatore to Mannargudi) Uzhavan express ( from Chennai to Thanjavur) etc, I have utilized the opportunity of my invitation for the meeting on Women's safety & security issues in Indian railways held on 13th November in Hyderabad to meet Mr. T R Baalu personally and handed over the memorandums to him seeking naming 22609 / 10 Mangalore - Coimbatore Intercity express as MALABAR KRANTI express on 21st November on the 93rd anniversary of Wagon tragedy incident. 

PLEASE FIND ATTACHED THE MEMORANDUM WHICH I HAVE GIVEN TO MR T R BAALU MP & Chairman, railways standing committee. You can pls. take this matter ahead.

I request you to take it forward with Politicians of Malabar as the day is nearing to make this naming of this train a possibility. Also, on 16th November the parliamentary committee is meeting at Chennai and the details are given below. If it is possible ( after meeting hours) the same request may be sought to Shri. T R Baalu and reminded. Definitely if more voices support this, one can get the dream achieved on 21st November 2013 and we can honour the martyrs of wagon tragedy on 93rd day of their being massacred by British Police.

Taj Club House
(Opp. to Spencer Plaza)
No. 2, Club House Road, Chennai-600002
1200 hrs.

            Interested Groups/NGOs etc., who are desirous to appear before the Committee, may intimate the same to theUnder Secretary, Standing Committee o­n Railways, Lok Sabha Secretariat (Tele No. 011-23035291, 011-23034089, 011-23034157), for consideration of the Committee.  The decision of the Committee to invite the persons for appearing before the Committee shall be final.

            No TA/DA will be paid for the purpose.

Chief Public Relations Officer

 Thank you & regards,

Ravi S

 Hardly 10 days to go for another anniversary for Wagon tragedy !!
Dear Shabeermon,

Well, I have seen your blogs on history of Malabar etc. 

In tamilnadu, Coimbatore, a tamil newspaper, dinamalar has highlighted about the sorrowful incident of WAGON TRAGEDY. It has evoked strong & EMOTIONAL response. Many from Coimbatore have given details which they have gathered from their forefathers reg. this incident.

If steps are properly taken, from politicians in Kerala, this year the train no. 22609/10 Mangalore - Coimbatore intercity express can be named as MALABAR KRANTI express to honour the wagon tragedy victims after 93 years !!

Please take up this matter with PRESS & politicians. If pressure is applied, then on 21st November 2013, the railways can be asked to provide a monument by naming this train, as Malabar kranti express to pay homage to those who laid down their lives in train !!

Thank you & regards,

Ravi S ..

An emotional reply from a lady, Fathima, from Coimbatore for the article on Wagon tragedy published on 22nd Oct 2013 in Dinamalar, Coimbatore edition

Dear Sirs,

Attached with this emails are two documents 

a) The story published on 22nd October 2013 in the tamil daily, 
Dinamalar on Wagon tragedy. ( As Tirur in Kerala side and Podanur, near Coimbatore in tamil nadu side are the two stations which witnessed the gruesome incident on Nov 21st 1921 in South India, when 64 prisoners were suffocated to death after they were loaded in a CLOSED GOODS WAGON and they were 'loaded' at Tirur and they were found at PODANUR. This story was published in Dinamalar, tamil edition.

b) As a response to this news, an Emotional letter has been sent to Dinamalar, Coimbatore, by one Ms. Fathima Binth Azees. I am giving the English translation of that letter in tamil.

Ms. Fathima Binth Azees, thanks Dinamalar, profusely for having published the story of Wagon tragedy. It seems, Ms. Fathima when she was a child has heard this from his Father and after marriage, she has learnt it from his Father in law. Now, both her father & father in law are NOT alive. No tamil newspaper has published elaborately this sorrowful incident which happened 93 years ago when freedom fighters from Malabar region were massacared in gruesome manner by the British police.

Ms. Fathima, had informed about wagon tragedy and it happened in Podanur, 93 years back to many of her friends. So, when this appeared on Dinamalar on 22nd Oct 2013, many of her friends, called and informed about the publication of this. She adds, that some more information about Wagon tragedy. 
That the bodies of the victims of those who died in Wagon tragedy, were left uncared for some time. Nobody came forward to do the Last rites of the victims. ( as these people were not known and the locals feared the British Govt) At that time, the Moplah muslims assocation of Coimbatore was formed in the name of 'Kerala ( malabar) Muslim Education Association' of Coimbatore and they performed the final rites of these victims.

Even today, the Kerala Muslim Educational Association of Coimbatore is functioning at NH road ( nawab Hakim Road) under the leadership of 
P V Hasan Saheb Koya. Phone No ( 0422 - 2394721)

P. S. :-  As the anniversary date of WAGON TRAGEDY nears, ( 21st November 2013) It would be befitting if you all put a strong pressure thro' Politicians of Malabar region for naming 
22609/10 Mangalore - Coimbatore intercity express as MALABAR KRANTI EXPRESS. Atleast if delayed we can pay a FITTING tribute by honouring these poor victims.

Thank you & regards,

Ravi S 

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