Thursday, November 21, 2013

Misery of History

Documentary Screening on Tippu Sulthan
Entitled “Misery of History “
Presenter: Mr. Abbas Panakkal (Freelance Journalist)
On 29th November (Friday) @ 2:00 Pm
Venue: College Auditorium


Misery of History,’ a 30-minute documentary film directed by Abbas Panakkal, a Kozhikode-based freelance writer and mediaperson, is an attempt to revisit the legacy of the warrior Tipu Sultan  while also looking into the present status of his descendants.
Not many know that the descendants of Tippu, the last ruler of India strong enough to dictate terms to the British East India Company, is still alive in Kolkata.
The ‘Misery of History’ is a journey the director takes up with a few historians of repute such as B. Sheik Ali and K.K.N. Kurup to the historical sites (Mysore & Kolkata), museums (Victoria and Albert Museum in London), and monuments related to the ruler as well as to the places where his descendants live now.
All are invited


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