Sunday, March 10, 2013


My Dear Friends,

I am writing this note to you on the behest of the Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu (Hind) and as its newly appointed General Secretary. I had mentioned the organization to many of you and the new steps that we are taking at Anjuman to keep abreast of the times and make a genuine contribution to the mainstream Indian cultural scene. We are primarily a literary organization working within the ambit of the Urdu world.

However, the time is opportune to make a leap of faith and reach out to the world beyond the confines of just the Urdu cosmos. For this, several plans are already in place including publishing from other languages into Urdu and English; translating important Urdu works into English; conceptualizing a journal of culture and literature whose medium will be English but spirit will encompass all Indian languages; and our first decisive step—a three-day international, interdisciplinary seminar on Dara Shukoh (22-24 March, 2013), an unsung hero of Mughal India who best epitomizes the composite Ganga–Jamuni culture of Hindustan (the details of the seminar are pasted below this mail which can be viewed if you scroll down).We also have plans to publish a book following the seminar compiling the papers presented in the form of an edited volume.